What exactly are P.G.I. Velvendo Wines?

European Quality Scheme

To protect the uniqueness of certain food products, the European Union has launched a specific legislation, establishing two levels of recognition: PDO and PGI, through which it aims to protect the products’ names and their typical qualities from imitations and abuses, to support the different products and to help consumers in choosing food products, by providing information and guarantees with respect to their own characteristics.The PGI Velvendo Wines are recognized by the European quality scheme, “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI), which indicates a mark of origin that is recognized to those food products for which the specific quality, reputation or other characteristics are closely dependent on the ability of production, processing and/or preparation, developed in the specific geographical area of Velvendo. To obtain the PGI, therefore, at least one phase of the production process must occur in a particular area. Who makes PGI products must follow the strict production rules laid down in the product specification, and compliance with these rules is guaranteed by a specific independent control body (Technical file PGI-GR-A1529).



In the district of Kozani, in western Macedonia’s southern part, the PGI Velvendos zone (est. 2000) is defined by the boundaries of the municipal area of the same name.

Situated in the southwestern part of the Kozani district, the Velvendos area is mainly known for its fruit and extensive orchards. In recent years, however, winegrowing has also been showing impressive growth, with vineyards perched on the area’s tranquil hillsides, overlooking the artificial lake of Polyfytos, and nestled in an especially charming setting. Today, the PGI Velvendos wines are produced by three wineries in the area.

Estates in Velvendo

  • Voyatzi Estate
    Voyatzi Estate www.ktimavoyatzi.gr

    Members of the third family generation, Yannis, who has studied oenology at the University of Bordeaux, France and has substantial experience in the Greek wine production, along with his brother, Nico, who is an engineer, and their father, Harissis, decided to return to Velvendo and establish a new, privately owned vineyard. Eirini Zande, chemist-oenologist, is in charge of the on site management of the winery, while Petros and Efthimis are attending the vineyard with the utmost care and love.

    Tel. (+30) 24640 32 283

  • Zande Estate
    Zande Estate www.ktimazande.gr

    On the slopes of the Pierides Muses sprang up a vineyard that carries the restless spirit of Giannis and the tradition of the Zande family. The stylish winery is mirrored in the waters of Lake Polyfytos and hosts the initiate of the wine-maker with labels that are «distinguished» for their honest character.

    Tel.: (+30) 24640 32238

  • Kamkoutis Winery
    Kamkoutis Winery www.kamkoutiswine.gr

    The Camkoutis Estate of Velvendo has a unique setting and is extremely attractive as it is one of the most gifted vineyards in Greece. Visitors are welcome to meet the stone winery located in a quintessential viewing position. After a major renovation of the buildings and the acquisition of necessary features, it is equipped with the latest high tech in order to control fermentation and create qualitative wines. The premises of red wines cellar where their aging takes place, complete the picture of a modern winemaking facility.

    One of the main concerns is the harmonious relationship between technology and tradition. Starting from the vine, plowing, pruning, harvesting and targeting low yield per hectare as to improve the quality and reach the vinification and bottling of the wines with passion, knowledge and love, in order to build consistently on modern technology.

    Tel.: (+30) 24640 31114