Visiting Kamkoutis Vineyard


We held the first professional visit «Commercial Representatives wines» from the United States to meet the specific characteristics of PGI VELVENDOWINES.

The 3 professionals who visited the facilities are:

  1. Peter Ioannou – Central Sales Representative of Wines, Eastern United States
  2. Ioannis Mirisis – Wine Marketing Representative, Boston, USA
  3. Tony Gounaris – Wine Commercial Representative, Astoria, USA nodal cellar

Kamkoutis Vineyard Presentation



Between Lake Polyfyto and the mountains of Pieria, at the foot of Velvento, Yannis and Maria Camkouti chose to take advantage of area’s special microclimate to set up their vineyard. Approximately eighty (80) acres of vines with varieties of merlo, Camberneus sovinium of xinomavro and local varieties of tsipurnakos, limnionas, pitsiarakos, cocoon and dogo.


The vineyard is dominated by the stone-built visitable winery, in a beautiful environment, with a magnificent view and a multi-place where the visitor, can taste the wine of the winery and enjoy the hospitality. There are many reasons to come back.

Winemaking seminars, educational, social and cultural events take place at the Vineyard so, every visitor get know to the wonderful world of wine.


The labels are three: «Red Kurits», «Kourites Rosé» and «Kourites White». The name «Kourites» is local. That’s how they called the big wooden barrels were storing the local wine of this region.

The two-storey winery has on the ground floor and in the underground area wine making, ripening and aging (wine cellar) and on the first floor is a hall of events, a wine tasting room and the offices of the enterprise, which is vertically integrated and wine grapes exclusively from its own vineyards.

Each visitor can combine the tour of the Kamkout Vineyard with a guided tour of the beautiful Velvento, Pieria in places of unparalleled natural beauty, archaeological sites and monuments, museums and many other attractions in the area.

The visit included the following activities 


Tour at the Kamkoutis Vineyards.

The vineyards are located within a short distance from the winery. A retrospective of the history of the area will bring you to the glorious past while contact with nature and the vineyard will bring you back to today. Here we will tell you what you need to know about the particular characteristics of Camkoutis wine.

Tour at the production area

We then visited the production areas where the equipment was used and the final stages of winemaking, from the grapes to bottling.


About Tasting

During the tasting, guests were introduced to the secrets of the world of wine.

Wine Tasting

The most delightful note of the visit to the winery followed by tasting the award winning wines of the native and international varieties.


Lunchin the winery

Then our guests, enjoyed lunch at the winery while enjoying the award-winning wines Kamkoutis Vineyard.