Visiting Ktima Zande

After visiting Kamkoutis Vineyard and Ktima Vogiatzi the three «Commecial Representative Wines Proffecionals»  from the United States, Peter Ioannou, Ioannis Mirisis, Tony Gounaris, continiued their journey and getting familiar with secrets of PGI VELENDOWINES.

Ktima Zande Presentation

The Area

33 kilometers southeast of Kozani, at the foot of Pieria and next to the lake of Polyfyto, lies the town of Velvento, a picturesque town of Western Macedonia. Traditional settlement, with remarkable Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments, is surrounded by a beautiful landscape composed of the green hillsides of Pieria, covered with small ponds and waterfalls, 56 picturesque country churches and fertile plain with orchards and vineyards.

In Velvendo, as in all of Macedonia, ambe cultivation has deep roots and a long tradition. In the past century, it was one of the main crops in the area and covered an area of about 2600 acres. In 1920, the phylloxera appears, a disease that gradually destroys vineyards, to be re-established after 1930 in American subjects where both local and foreign varieties are vaccinated. Since then, about 1,000 acres of vines have been preserved.


The History

The restless spirit of Giannis, the tradition of the Zande family, which for years cultivated the vineyard, the microclimate of the Pierians and the legend of the mousse, established a vineyard of over 80 hectares of organic farming and a cute and stylish winery on the back of the mythical mountain view of Lake Polyfyto.


The Vineyard

The graceful winery is a breath of freshness and taste that opens its hospitable doors and cordially welcomes every initiate «traveler». The varieties grown in the vineyard are Xinomavro, Malagouzia, Merlot, Syrah, Roditis and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The mild climate of the region, soil composition, controlled area yield and producer know-how are important prerequisites for the cultivation of high-quality grapes. After winemaking, the red wine remains for twelve months in oak barrels and bottled for six months in bottles in the wine cellar.




The vineyards are located within a short distance from the winery. A retrospective of the history of the area will bring you to the glorious past while contact with nature and the vineyard will bring you back to today. Here we will tell you what you need to know about the particular characteristics of Vogiatzis Wine.

About Tasting

During the tasting, guests were introduced to the secrets of the world of wine.


Wine Tasting

The most delightful note of the visit to the winery followed by tasting the award winning wines of the native and international varieties.